Conversation-Worthy Press Coverage   -   Strategic Social Media   -   High-Visibility Events

I make clients first in the hearts, minds and conversations of target audiences.
Netting media attention. Print, online, TV, radio, social.
Generating appetite-whetting, ongoing buzz with issue-driven press coverage. Stories that matter lead conversations and make you vital in the public consciousness.
Engaging the core and igniting the message beyond existing fans to broader, uncharted demographics. I entice a wide range of press venues - feature, news, business, food, lifestyle, politics, sustainability, tech, design, art and more. Methods: strategic association, identifying truly newsworthy client story hooks and teasing out multiple angles within a single campaign.
Producing events that stick. I conceptualize and execute events that create staying power in the public imagination. The event stage is crowded. Rising above the noise of stiff competition for people's time is tough. Plus - events are ephemeral. I produce "more than" events - my clients keep people talking for months and years after events that last just a few short hours.
Sparking stakeholder interest & activating powerful social networks. I make your narratives thrive and go viral. Drawing in a lasting fresh stream of supporters.
Influencing outcomes. When publicity you don't want seems inevitable, we make lemonade.

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